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LED Bulb Light Structural BondingV

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Aug 17, 2017

   In the power shortage today we often encounter no one to prevent the power outage may be outside the line fault causes a sudden power outage without lighting, in the absence of power supply lack of power outages, all kinds of unknown power outage, to our life and in operation On a lot of inconvenience, especially in the family and service industry in the lighting have brought great impact and embarrassment. In this time we will think that if we can be a device to emergency bulb like a good, companions do not worry, in this era of thriving technology, we are now the first choice of the birth of the most intelligent LED emergency bulb.

The goods in the power of the time to take the initiative to charge, when fully charged when the lights will automatically turn off the charge-like, which greatly increased the use of light and battery life, if the power outage, intelligent microwave radar sensor LED emergency bulb Will be actively converted into a power supply state, in one second active conversion success, if not directly turn off the light switch can be a.

Emergency LED bulb use: particularly suitable for residential corridor, as well as corridors, bathrooms, basements, garages, warehouses, monitoring and so on.

Why should change the reason for LED emergency bulb

1. Energy saving, white LED energy consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent, energy-saving lamps 1/4

2. longevity. Shou number of up to 100,000 hours or more, the ordinary family lighting can be described as one hundred

3. Solid state package, attributed to the cold light source type. So it is very convenient for transport and equipment that can be used in any miniature and off-the-box equipment.

4. Environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. LED bulb assembly parts can be very easy to disassemble, no manufacturers can be recovered through other people to recover.

5. Light distribution skills to make LED light source for the surface light source, increase the light side, eliminate glare, improve visual effects, eliminate visual fatigue;

6. save money, this is the most important point, if the family are using emergency LED bulb, then not only can reduce the carbon dioxide emissions, but also reduce the national load on the grid, all countries, all the earth is a good thing. For the family, put it on to save money, ah, each year to save the lighting electricity up to 9 percent, the use of LED goods is a profitable and selfish.

1, LED lamp structure bonding:

Metal and PC / PMMA or PC and PC / PMMA adhesive seal, the choice of room temperature curing single-component de-alcoholic organic silicon sealant, aluminum, copper, stainless steel and other metals have good adhesion; Excellent, good heat resistance, usually the use of temperature scale -60 ℃ ~ 200 ℃. During the curing process is the release of alcohol substances, the polycarbonate (PC), optical acrylic (PMMA), copper and other materials without corrosion, in full compliance with the EU ROHS directive needs.

2, LED lens bonding fixed:

Selection of high-performance adhesive seal Silicone rubber is a one-component, paste, translucent, de-alcoholic room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber. Neutral curing, non-corrosive to the bonding material, after curing constitute a rubber-like elastomer, a wide range of bonding, excellent mechanical properties, excellent impact resistance. Heat resistance, moisture resistance and good cold resistance, high temperature and humidity conditions still adhere to the outstanding mechanical function, not white, low yellowing. With excellent insulation, moisture, shock, corrosion resistance, anti-leakage and chemical resistance and other functions.

3, LED bulb - thermal adhesive adhesive demand:

Thermal conductivity: 0.8 ~ 1.2

Viscosity: Paste

High thermal conductivity, good insulation, easy to operate

Earthquake, to avoid mechanical damage, no corrosion on the substrate;

Repairable, easy to open;

Can be used for severe temperature cycling occasions;

Outstanding then function, eliminating the traditional mechanical fix;

4, LED bulb - potting with plastic demand:

1 high thermal conductivity (0.5 ~ 0.8);

2 outstanding foaming (viscosity 3500CPS)

3 Rapid curing (mass production, 80 ° 30min)

4 Flame retardant UL94V0