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LED Bulb Light Very Broad

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Jul 25, 2017

LED in the bulb on the application has been very wide, but how to use the lowest cost, LED Bulb Light design superior performance, reliability, good bulb products, LED companies are facing challenges. This article describes the LED bulb technology development direction and the best solution: thermal plastic radiator with non-isolated drive LED bulb overall solution.

Energy prices continued to rise and countries for the traditional incandescent sales ban came into effect, LED Bulb Light making LED lighting ushered in the climax of investment and development. LED Bulb Light Especially due to the earthquake in Japan, led to the outbreak of the Asian LED market.

Due to the long life characteristics of LED, LED Bulb Light although we agreed that the integration of integrated LED lighting will be the trend of market development. But because the conventional incandescent lamp in the number of applications accounted for more than half of the lamp, it can be expected in the next 3 to 5 years, LED Bulb Light the use of traditional incandescent E14, E26, E27, B22 and other interfaces to develop LED replacement lights Will still occupy a place in the market.

The existing bulb radiator material is mainly three kinds: aluminum, LED Bulb Light ceramic and thermal plastic. And aluminum and die-casting aluminum and extruded aluminum two radiators. Aluminum radiator is currently the market mainly used in the form of radiator.

The use of aluminum radiator must be equipped with isolated drive power, and carefully designed insulation protection, safe spacing to meet the safety requirements. LED Bulb Light Relative to the non-isolated drive power, isolated drive power efficiency is low 5% to 10%, while the price is about 5 yuan, and the production process is also relatively complex. Resulting in high cost of the whole lamp and reduced light efficiency. As a result, LED Bulb Light more and more lighting plants use ceramic and thermal plastic radiator bulb solutions.

The ceramic radiator compared to plastic radiators, there is a large weight, batch thermal conductivity of large differences, fragile and other shortcomings. So the thermal plastic radiator will be the main trend of the development of bulb market.

Low-power LED in the price advantage than high-power LED. Multi-LED form surface light source, can avoid glare. So the use of multiple small power LED as the light source will continue to be LED bulb market design mainstream direction.

For small power LEDs, such as Osram's Duris E5, Taiwan's Everlight 5630, 7030 are well suited for bulb applications.

As the LED light angle is generally less than 120 degrees, LED Bulb Light and the design of full-angle light fixtures need to increase the complexity of the design and improve the cost of lighting. While the general lighting application does not require bulb light at all angles. LED Bulb Light As a result, ENERGY STAR is re-examining the full-angle lighting requirements and is likely to abolish this requirement for LED bulb by the end of the year.

Now the LED bulb dimming method generally used in the past, thyristor dimming way. The thyristor dimming method has the problem of poor dimming line difference, LED Bulb Light poor compatibility of dimmer and low overall efficiency. In the future high-end bulb applications, will see intelligent wireless dimmer used in LED bulb. Such as the use of Zigbee technology with a smart phone on the bulb light control, LED Bulb Light and according to whether the activities, as well as the strength of natural light automatically adjust the spatial illumination of intelligent dimming bulb.