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LED Panel Light Lighting Lamps And Lanterns

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Aug 17, 2017

   With the development of LED lighting industry, LED panel lamps developed as LED backlight have become indispensable lighting fixtures in our daily life.The use of LED panel lamp is too much, and I'm sure everyone will be curious about it as a lighting fixture, so let's get to know it later.

LED panel lamp is a high-end interior lighting lamps and lanterns, outside its borders composed of aluminum alloy by anodic oxidation, light source for LED, the design of lamps and lanterns is beautiful concise, atmospheric luxury, both good lighting effect, and can give a person with beautiful feeling.LED panel lamp design is unique, light after high light transmittance of guide plate to form a uniform plane light effect, intensity of illumination uniformity is good, the light is soft and comfortable yet bright, can effectively alleviate eye fatigue.LED panel light also can prevent radiation, does not stimulate the skin of pregnant women, the elderly, children, so the home to install the LED panel lamp is a reflection of a care for the family, if you do not know of these knowledge, it must remember the oh.

The main structure of LED panel lamp

1. The light source of LED panel lamp is normally used in 3528, and 3014 and 5050 are also used.3014 and 5050 this money is low, the light effect is slightly worse, the key is its guide light dot plan is difficult.The high efficiency of the optical network is good.

2. The power supply of LED panel lights is currently 2 types:

One is to use the constant current power supply, this form power is high, the PF value is as high as 0.95, the cost performance is high;

Second, using constant pressure with constant current power supply, function stability, low power, however, high capital, often use the power supply first is exports, the other needs to have the need of certification, must use a safety power supply.In fact, the constant current power supply is very safe in the home, since the user has difficulty in accessing the power supply, the lamp body of the LED panel lamp USES the safe low-voltage power.

3. The reflective paper of the LED panel lamp will reflect the light reflection of the light panel to improve the efficiency of the light, usually RW250.

4. LED panel lamp aluminum frame is the primary channel of LED heat dissipation. The appearance is simple and easy to use, and the application of ZY0907 is used to select the die stamping die and the processing cost is low.The aluminum structure of die-casting can be a little higher, the appearance is good, all beautiful, but the upfront cost of the die is high.

5. LED light plate will be refracted from the front of the LED light through the outlet, which will be exported from the front. The guide plate is the key point of quality control of LED panel light.Network planning owe good, see all the light efficiency is very poor, often appear bright two dark, perhaps there's a light at the end of the present into the light in the belt, may be visible part of the dark space, or present different viewpoints brightness again.To progress the photosynthetic efficiency of light guide plate first by network planning, followed by the quality of the plate, but for LED panel light material shouldn't geared superstition first-line brand of plank, qualified plate between the light transmittance usually.The usual small LED lamp factory is the direct purchase of the common guide plate application, there is no need to plan from the beginning, more manufacturers use the public version usually quality.

6. Device hanging steel wire, device bracket and other accessories for fixtures.

7. The dispersion plate of LED panel lamp will direct the smooth and uniform export of the light-emitting plate, which can also have the effect of equivocal network.Dispersion plate usually use acrylic sheet 2.0 or PC material, almost is PS material, acrylic low capital and light transmittance is higher than the PC is a bit high, acrylic fragile anti-aging function is weak, the PC price a little expensive, but strong anti-aging functions.The dispersion plate will not be able to see the outlets in the future, and the transmittance will be about 90%.Acrylic light transmittance at 92%, the PC was 88%, the PS is about 80%, we can according to need to disperse plate material selection, most current manufacturer in producing LED panel lights are choose acrylic materials.

8. The first effect of the rear cover plate is to seal the LED panel lights, usually with 1060 aluminum, which can also have a little heat dissipation effect on the panel lamp.

LED panel lights are installed in various forms

1. Can be embedded in the ceiling, wall and the surface of the mounting body;

2. It can be suspended below the ceiling or the installation body.When set on the white ceiling, the whole smallpox is a one color, very beautiful, neat and harmonious;

3. The LED panel lamp adopts broadband voltage design, which can be used in countries around the world.High power LED adopts isolation power, constant current or constant pressure drive, high power efficiency, no pollution to power grid, stable performance, safe and reliable;

4. LED panel lamp is a new kind of surface light source with similar LCD TV backlighting technology. It is soft and beautiful in appearance.