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LED Panel Light Manufacturers Teach You How To Clean LED Flat Lights

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Sep 04, 2017

The emergence of LED lamps so that the night becomes very bright, but also need to spend a lot of energy, so we need to choose more energy efficient LED flat panel lights. Energy-saving LED flat panel lamp is the first choice of the times, in order to be able to better use LED panel lights, usually should be regularly cleaned. So how do you know how to clean the LED flat light? Today, LED panel lights manufacturers to teach you how to clean LED flat light?

LED flat light cleaning work can not be the effect, or is more dangerous. First, the lamp should be closed before cleaning the lamp, only to turn off the power to clean, or it will be easy to electric shock. As the use of a long time, the surface can be adsorbed a lot of dust, in the clean when you can use a dry rag to wipe, dust and stains gently wipe. It should be noted that in the clean time must not use wet towels or rags, to avoid causing electric shock or damage to the lamp, which is very dangerous. In addition, in cleaning, it is best not to use chemical cleaning agents or corrosive substances to clean the lamps, we must pay attention to safety is the most important.

LED panel lights not only high brightness, less heat, long life, and low energy consumption, in the use of time will not have radiation, so we can be very relaxed to use.