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LED Panel Light Overall Beauty

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Aug 10, 2017

With the development of LED lighting industry, as LED backlight derivative LED panel lamp, LED Panel Light its light uniformity, no glare, exquisite structure, LED Panel Light has been a lot of people's favorite, is a modern fashion indoor lighting new trend. The expert lighting experts believe that the LED panel lamp components are composed of 8 pieces.

is the main channel of LED cooling, LED Panel Light the appearance is simple and generous, can use ZY0907, the mold stamping open mold cost is low, the processing cost is also low; the die-casting aluminum frame IP level can be one points high, the surface texture is good, the overall appearance, but the upfront input mold cost is higher.

Usually LED light beads are used in 3528, and others use 3014 and 5050. 3014 and 5050 low cost, LED Panel Light light efficiency slightly worse, the key is its light guide point design difficulties. 3528 Optical effect High dot versatility is good.

The side LED light through the dot refraction to make the light from the front evenly exported, LED Panel Light light guide plate is LED panel lamp quality Control key point. Dot design is not good, see the overall light efficiency is very poor, usually appear in the middle of the bright side of the light, or there is a bright light in the area, or visible local dark areas, or different angle brightness inconsistency. LED Panel Light To improve the light efficiency of the guide plate mainly depends on the design of the DOT, followed by the quality of the plate, but there is no need to superstition of the first-line brand plate, the transmittance between the qualified plate is usually similar. The general small LED lamp factory is directly buy the public light guide plate use, LED Panel Light does not need to redesign the design, more manufacturers use the public version usually the quality is qualified.

The uniform light of the guide plate can also play the role of Fuzzy dot. Diffusion panels generally use acrylic 2.0 of the plate or PC material, almost is the PS material, acrylic low-cost and light transmittance is slightly higher than the PC, acrylic brittle anti-aging performance is weak, LED Panel Light PC prices are slightly expensive, but anti-aging performance is strong. The diffuser plate can not see the dot after loading, and the transmittance is about 90%. LED Panel Light Acrylic transmittance in 92%, PC for 88%, PS probably 80%, we can according to the needs of the proliferation of material selection, the majority of manufacturers are now using acrylic materials.

There are currently 2 kinds of LED drive power, one is the use of constant current power supply, this mode of high efficiency, pf value of up to 0.95, cost-effective; the second is the use of constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, LED Panel Light the general use of this power supply is mainly export, the other side requires certification requirements, must use a safety regulation of the power. LED Panel Light In fact, the household use of constant current power supply is very safe, because users are difficult to contact the power supply, and the light body itself is using a safe low-voltage electricity.

From the point of view of quality control, in order to improve the light efficiency of the additional money spent on LED light source and LED guide plate is the most effective, LED Panel Light from the point of view of marketing, the additional money spent on aluminum frame cover plate pendants can improve product grade.

Optical performance (light distribution): The optical properties of LED panel lamps are mainly related to the performance requirements of luminosity, spectrum and chroma. According to the latest industry standard "semiconductor light-emitting Diode test method", there are mainly luminous peak wavelength, spectral radiation bandwidth, axial luminous intensity angle, luminous flux, radiation flux, luminous efficiency, color coordinate, LED Panel Light correlation color temperature, color purity and main wavelength, color index and other parameters. LED panel lamp commonly used white LED, color temperature, color index and illuminance is particularly important, it is the lighting atmosphere and the effect of an important indicator, and color purity and the main wavelength is generally not required.

LED industry in the mainstream approach in the packaging led chip to form a light source or light source module, in the time of the lighting to make light, LED Panel Light this is the original traditional light source of the practice, because the traditional light source is 360° glow. If you want to apply the optical light to the end, LED Panel Light the current Philips traditional lamps to do the best A, the loss also reached 40%. And many of our domestic led downstream manufacturers to apply the optical parameters of the lighting is actually a chip or optical parameters of the light source, LED Panel Light rather than the overall lighting parameters of the optical indicators.