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LED Tube Light Quality Assurance

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Sep 04, 2017

Normal lighting time requirements LED lamp can be achieved, whether it is home lighting or factory lighting. Energy saving is a new definition of LED products, buy the right words not only power can save you money.

Quality assurance price is a key to buy the lamp below the normal price of the market, the use of a long time the quality can not guarantee, ranging from short-circuit burned, while it may affect the safety of life and property. The purchase of regular LED lamp use time and quality is more assured, the middle of the quality problems can also contact the seller in time to replace the goods, from a long-term point of view is to save money for their own.

Choose a regular LED lamp manufacturers is also for their own money, began to buy do not blindly map cheap, late problems will not only delay the use of property damage will also cause.

The so-called LED lamp single-ended power supply is only one wiring, double-ended power supply is more convenient to connect the next lamp and the establishment of the input. Manufacturers in the production of most of the choice of single-tube power supply for production, mainly due to industry certification restrictions. General lighting agencies only accept single-ended power supply, which is also accepted and implemented by most countries.

In Europe and the United States market double-ended power supply is allowed, but the biggest problem is the LED tube double-ended power supply is easy to cause electric shock hazard, in the design of single-ended easier to accept. The input and output of the lamp are isolated from the transformer, which avoids the danger of electric shock. Europe and the United States Australian market requirements are single-ended power supply, power input line L line and N line at one end, AC line is the need for double insulation to use more secure than double power supply.