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LED Tube Light Specification Of The Installation

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Aug 02, 2017

LED mining lamp, also known as LED factory lights, mainly used in the factory workshop, the stadium, toll stations, etc., use gradually for the majority of users to accept, LED Tube Light because it is the use of the latest LED energy-saving technology to create lighting tools, the high reflectivity , High power, but good lighting needs to be installed in order to highlight its advantages, LED Tube Light LED mining lamp installation.

To determine the installation height of LED mining lamp according to the lighting environment, because the environment will change the lighting efficiency of the lamp.General led mining lamp lamp height should be more than 5 meters, the wire can not be close to the mining lamp shell, if the conditions must be installed less than 3 meters, LED Tube Light Protective measures must be taken to prevent the vehicle from touching.

LED mining lamp waterproof anti-low temperature treatment options are waterproof function mining lamp, choose waterproof transformer, lamp chip package with high temperature insulation material package, skills, waterproof, and can prevent low temperature damage to the lamp, in harsh conditions using LED mining lamp , LED Tube Light It is very important.

Led mining lamp manufacturers LED mining lamp wiring the main line to the lamp using flat copper wire link, 5 ring installed a light, LED Tube Light according to the requirements of the load balance evenly linked to the three-phase line, large-density lighting project, the lighting shell alone with PE protection Line connection.

LED tube UV is not particularly strong, the general traditional lamp may be used for some time, will feel the light is particularly strong, resulting in a lot of heat, LED Tube Light cover some more documents or books, long time Will produce faded feelings led mining lamp manufacturers, and this lamp is not the case, it will not produce ultraviolet light, so there is no class of ultraviolet light will not have some mosquito interference, LED Tube Light indoor health can become clean tidy.

LED lamp can also be a good protection of our glasses, LED Tube Light in the start time, faster, so there will not be some flashing situation, so to protect the eyes, the most important advantage is power, and life is relatively long, Can be very reasonable to ensure that everyone in the use of time, do not often because of the replacement of the lamp and spend some costs and trouble, and when used, more solid, LED Tube Light not Will be worried about the situation will often be bad.

But also the more color, can be issued, so the application of a lot of areas and places, so that we can ensure that the use of some areas, basically has a reasonable size, LED Tube Light with the traditional almost, so can replace the traditional, and Suitable for home, work office and so on.

LED lamp is a more mature LED lights, LED Tube Light and now has gradually replaced the traditional fluorescent lamp, compared to the traditional fluorescent lamp. LED Tube Light In the case of the same brightness, LED tubes to 80% energy saving. Should not be damaged, more durable.

LED semiconductor characteristics determine its impact by the environment, such as temperature, LED current will increase; voltage increases, LED current will increase. LED Tube Light Long over the rated current work, will greatly shorten the LED life. The LED constant current is in the temperature and voltage and other environmental factors change, to ensure that its working current unchanged.