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LED Tube Light What Are The Differences

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Aug 17, 2017

What are the differences between LED plants and fluorescent plants?

    After application testing, LED plant lights are ideal for plant growth, flowering, and results. General indoor plant flowers, because of the lack of natural light will grow over time with the growing, and through the use of plants required spectrum (light quality combination) of LED plant light irradiation, not only can promote its growth, but also can extend the flowering, The quality of flowers. And this efficient light source system applied to the greenhouse, greenhouses and other facilities such as agricultural production, on the one hand can solve the lack of sunshine lead to tomatoes, cucumbers and other greenhouse vegetable taste decline, on the other hand can also make winter greenhouse eggplant vegetables in advance To the Spring Festival before and after the listing, so as to achieve the purpose of anti-season cultivation.

(1) as a supplement to the artificial light, any time can enhance the light, and can extend the effective lighting time.

(2) whether in sunny, cloudy, rainy days, can be reasonable and effective extension and scientific control of the plants need the light, as long as you have mastered this light products and product application technology.

(3) in the greenhouse or plant laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to ensure the growth of healthy plants to promote better plant growth. As a supplement to light in the absence of outside the case of light for the plant to provide supplementary light, keep the plant growth with sufficient light.

Extend the light time. For sunshine and long day plants, natural light can not provide enough time to light, plant lights can extend the light time to achieve the best photoperiod of the plant. Use of greenhouse or plant laboratories. Replace natural light, promote plant growth.

   The luminous efficiency and luminous flux of fluorescent lamp type plants are slightly higher than that of LED type plant lamps, but since only the light emitted from the downward can be effectively irradiated on the plant, the true luminous efficiency and luminous flux of the fluorescent lamp type lamps are only their own Of about 50%.

By comparing the luminous efficiency and luminous flux of fluorescent lamp type plant lamp and LED type plant lamp, it is clear that the effect of LED type plant lamp is better.

Fluorescent lamp type plant lamp wavelength is very scattered, so although all kinds of light have, but the possession ratio is not concentrated, and LED-type plant light wavelength is very concentrated, and the light emitted mostly red and blue light, photosynthesis of plants The effect is better. At the same time LED-type plant lights can also be based on different types of plants, with different proportions of color accounted for light possession ratio. So the effect of LED-type plant lights better

    The true effect of LED plant light on plant photosynthesis is much better than fluorescent lamp type plant lamp. In addition, the power and life of the two plant lights have obvious advantages and disadvantages

 LED plant light red and blue light occupancy rate of up to 99.5%, while the fluorescent lamp plant only 53.9%, and fluorescent lamp plant also contains 46.1% of plant growth does not need green light, therefore, LED type light Plant growth is better. At the same time, LED-type plant lights with long life, small size, light weight and so on. In summary, LED plant lamp effect is better, more conducive to plant growth, suitable for actual production.