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North American Product Certification To Factory Inspection

Edit:Alite Co.,Ltd  Date:Feb 17, 2016

North American product certification to factory inspection , factory inspection , including the first factory inspection and follow-up examination. If the plant is the first application in North America certification , the plant will have an initial inspection . First factory inspection focused on the quality assurance system of the factory, the factory has required a sound quality assurance system to ensure product quality and ensure effective supervision . If the plant has established a quality management system according to ISO9000 standards, and passed the ISO9000 certification , can basically meet the initial inspection of the factory management system requirements . If the plant is not passed ISO9000 certification, will have the raw materials procurement, incoming inspection , inventory management , product design, engineering changes , production line testing, instrument calibration and complaint follow-up , etc. have a clear program files , and effective implementation. Follow-up inspection is the main structure for the product inspection and product testing and other aspects of the production line to ensure consistency of product structure and certified sample production line , and through the relevant production line test. After the product manufacturer through testing and certification , must strictly follow the structure and components of the samples were certified list of products , and any changes may involve product safety certification organization must notify assessed . If necessary , you may want to modify and re- test report . Product test reports on the production line where the product is a clear test requirements , manufacturers must be related tests , such as high-pressure testing, ground continuity testing as required .
Three , LED status of the North American standard
LED lamps as a new product , currently existing North American product safety standards are not specifically targeted technical requirements for such products , LED products become a test subject in the industry. American UL laboratory for the current situation of this industry , is organizing the preparation of LED energy saving lamp safety certification standards UL8750, this standard is still a draft, has not been officially adopted as the certification standards. Thus, the certification test questions LED energy-saving lamps , temporarily not been completely resolved.
The basic principle of LED energy saving lamp is converted to AC power by switching DC power modules to supply power to the light emitting diode work . According to the basic principles and structural features LED energy-saving lamps , the United States MET Laboratories detection scheme proposed a transitional stage : the traditional energy-saving lamps American certification standards UL1993 ( corresponding Canadian Standards CAN/CSA-C22.2No.0, CAN / CSA-C22.2No.74), and power modules standard UL1310 or UL1012 ( corresponding Canadian Standards CAN/CSA-C22.2No.107) LED energy-saving lamps for testing and certification .